Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

The company is located in Zhapu Economic Development Zone of Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province. In 2008, the zone was named as national 揅hina Chemical New Material (Jiaxing) Zone? Our company is at the south wing of Yangtze River delta with Hangzhou Harbor, Shanghai-Hangzhou highway, Hangzhou-Pudong highway, Zha-Jia-Su highway, Zha-Jia-Su Zha-Jia-Su and provincial road 01 across or nearby.

The original body of our company is Zhejiang Jia Chemical Investment and Development Co., Ltd. founded in January, 2003. And it was renamed in April, 2010. Currently, our register capital is RMB 450,000,000 Yuan. And our shareholders are Zhejiang Jiahu Group and other institutional shareholder and individual shareholder.

Our company covers an area of 1,000 mu and we have over 1,000 employees. By our efforts, our company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS system authentication. In addition, we have been rewarded of many honor titles such as 搒tate new and high tech enterprises? 揨hejiang Province Safe and Standard Enterprises?and etc.

Our company is among the first batch of enterprises settled in the zone. Our main products are in 5 series: chlor-alkali series, combined heat and power, Ortho-para series, sulfuric acid series and fatty alcohol series. And our core tenet is 揾igh starting point, environmental protection and circular economy?

The annual production capacity of sulfuric acid series products is 300,000 tons. And this is the first enterprise that introduces American Monsanto Company advanced equipment and technique.

The annual production capacity of chlor-alkali series product has reached 270,000 tons by the introduction of Japan Chlorine Engineers) technique and devices. And our thermoelectric unit is about 80000KWh. And our company is the only supplier in the zone.

What抯 more, our Ortho-para production capacity is 30,000 tons/year and the production capacity of fatty alcohol is 200,000 tons/year. The fatty alcohol project is developed based on our introduction of Italian and Britain professional technology and German advanced equipment. In 2012, this project was listed as Zhejiang Province Key Project.

Meanwhile, we also pay attention on our social responsibility. Our company will make effort to accelerate technical transformation and build environmental protection system under state environmental protection and low carbon economy standard.

Our business tenet is 搃ntegrity, competition, cooperation and win-win?

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